The Big Interviews

These are some of the long interviews. They are mostly about Sabahans, but a few are people who visited Sabah.

Bro Langau [Local indie band champion]
Calum MacColl, Keith Duffy and Steve Barney [visiting UK grammy award-winning, world stage musicians talk about life in music]
Datuk Peter Pragas [Legendary Music Director for RTM Sabah]
Dayang Noraini [Champion/Best Performer 1998 TV3 Sinaran Pasport Kegemilangan]
Didi Moo [contestant in Korean MBC TV’s global talent search “Star Audition”]
Digital Licks [winners of the Homegrown Malaysia Merdeka Song competition with their song “Forget Not”]
Esther Clement Tubong [Her song “Kokompungan Ku” won ‘Best Performance’ category in RTM Sabah’s Carta Lagu Kadazan 2011]
Jessel Yansalang [plus video clip] [A young Head of Academic at Sabah Institute of Arts]
Jiaja [Winners of “Blast Off” national talent search]
Lewis Pragasam [KL drummer, founder of Asiabeat Percussion Unlimited, Fulbright scholar who taught music in North Carolina, U.S.]
Momain Blues [Their song “Blues Kita” won ‘Most Popular Song’ category at RTM’s Carta Lagu Artis Sabah CLAS]
Moses De Silva [Leader of Kombo RTM Sabah, right out of university]
Mr. Loud [Anonymous and profound academic who thinks outside the box]
Raimon bin Sukudat [lead guitarist in KIDZ, a rock band of child prodigies from Kudat]
Raphael Lustchevsky [World-renowned Polish classical pianist visits KK]
Roger Wang [Sabah’s acclaimed Finger-Style guitarist]
Stephen Lim [plus video clips] Personal sound engineer for 9 years to Cantopop legend Jacky Cheung in Hong Kong]
Tian Long [World famous Hakka pop singer, winner in Global Hakka Pop Music Awards, China. He achieved success only after returning to Sabah, leaving behind 10+ years of fruitless struggle in KL]