KK Jazz Festival 2012: Ad-libbing to the music; views from a sound and a lighting engineer

Sound engineer Stephen Lim said in a show with lots of different artists, you can use presets up to a point. Along with the musicians, the sound and lighting crew have to work “on the fly” to some degree, since live, improvised music means no backing tracks, and limits the amount of preparation possible.


‘Honeydew’ by Beverly Rachel. It’s beautiful, you’ll want to be her Valentine

So, when 18-year-old Beverly Rachel Matujal came to Eyes and Ears to record one of her original songs because her friend said to send it to hitz.fm, Chris Pereira got on the phone to Tonedeaf Stephen [I know right? And he’s a sound engineer] and said something like, “OMG, get over here Tonedeaf! We have to do something with this!” Tonedeaf was quite effervescent. “It’s really exciting to find somebody like that! She knows music…