As Blood Runs Black in KK: Metal is poetry. Maria Campbell lyrics

Why can’t I write lyrics like this?
“Rush now, to the oblivious sky,
casting down a never-ending catastrophe…
What we thought was real was a wall of never-ending delusion…
Is this the end?”



CALUM: To be a musician is a combination of stupidity and obsessiveness. I started playing from about seven. From about 11 to 18 I did nothing else but play. KEITH: Like the fame or success is just a by-product of what they do, if they do it well. For me, it’s just about getting better at what you’re doing. STEVE: My parents never said, ‘You need to get a proper job or further your education.’ My dad wanted me to be a rock drummer! I’m not doing it for him, but I am doing it because he was supportive, and I was very lucky like that.

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“I’ve spent the last four or five years working on concept albums, and now I’m ready to write a new album. I’ve started writing for it, and it started with a folk feel, but has developed more into a singer-songwriter, with kind of a rock feel to it. I think that’s what happens with albums, they change; you start writing something but later it ends up being something else.”

Writing English lyrics for Dayang Noraini

Are my lyrics really clever, oblique and alternative? Are the sentences unusual, ending in the middle of the next line, with subtle rhymes which are almost missed? No. Music is not just about melody, nor just about lyrics. It’s about all that and more. In this case, the ‘more’ is DAYANG NORAINI. It’s about her ability to infuse meaning and commitment to her delivery. She makes the song

‘Honeydew’ by Beverly Rachel. It’s beautiful, you’ll want to be her Valentine

So, when 18-year-old Beverly Rachel Matujal came to Eyes and Ears to record one of her original songs because her friend said to send it to, Chris Pereira got on the phone to Tonedeaf Stephen [I know right? And he’s a sound engineer] and said something like, “OMG, get over here Tonedeaf! We have to do something with this!” Tonedeaf was quite effervescent. “It’s really exciting to find somebody like that! She knows music…