As Blood Runs Black in KK: Go-Pros, 9-foot cranes.. videographer Andy gears up

Andy said getting the footage is about 50% of the work. “Editing is where you show your work and make the impact. Since this is a concert, we will use original sound, so it will all depend on the quality of the audio recording and the angle that we shoot. We will use four cameras, including the Go-Pro, so we hope to capture lots of footage. There will be four of us filming.

As Blood Runs Black in KK: “Trust and Believe. It applies to everything.” Carlos, Afraid Clothing

Chneoh Beng Hin, aka Carlos, is founder of clothing line AFRAID. “I do it for the love of the music,” Carlos said. He works with his younger brother Sky. “It was Sky who picked out the name ‘Afraid Clothing’,” said Carlos. “I thought it was a cool name for a clothing line. So we stuck with it. The business started just this year, although we have been preparing it for about one year.”

As Blood Runs Black in KK: Befalls The Argosy…doom is coming

This is dark music. Ominous. The message pounding in my brain was impending doom…. So this is what they call Deathcore. The band is Befalls The Argosy, and aptly named, according to one of the band’s founders, lead guitarist Ted Ramli. He said this phrase describes “trading ships being attacked by pirates, bad weather or any terrible misfortune”.

As Blood Runs Black in KK: Listening to Maria Campbell

There’s a slow build before the singer launches in with his madness: “…started over again,” he growls, like a demon from Hell. They start, they stop, they build and build, the pulse changes one way, another way, faster and faster – drums and guitars so together. They punish their instruments, tearing up a phrase again and again, chopping the rhythms, then STOP. Then they build up a new phrase, again and again to finally crescendo out.

As Blood Runs Black in KK: Nuk Chee talks about July’s upcoming show

“Bringing in an event is always a risky business, especially when you talk about metal and hard core genres: a lot of people just don’t understand that this is music as well. We want people to know that – even though it’s metal or hard core – it’s okay! It’s okay to come and have a good time at a metal show!”
– Nuk Chee, Shockwave Entertainment

Heavy metal music event Destroy Shred Destroy at Chocolate Factory KK Times Square by Shockwave event manager

Destroy Shred Destroy [Sabah]: Shockwave is a serious event manager

A few months ago, I was talking with a guy who grew up in Kota Kinabalu then moved to Wellington, New Zealand. I was telling him about how I went to my first metal gig in Asia City and witnessed my first mosh pit. “Really?” he said. “They have that kind of thing in KK now?” They sure do, and brothers Emmanuel [“Nuk”] and Amos Chee, founders of event management company Shockwave Entertainment have turned this “thing” into an event to be respected.
Not ‘respected’ like: “Now we have to wear a suit.”
‘Respected’ like: “Shockwave can hold an event, can fill a venue; Shockwave can deliver.”

Thrashed Guitars, Slammed Bodies: Shockwave Entertainment Hits KK

The crowd was heaving now, strobe lights showing glimpses of the moshers’ leaping bodies thrashing, crowd-surfing. The Cowboy Bar in Asia City was as it was supposed to be, today: dark, smoky, sweaty, and throbbing with excellent sound, local bands giving it their all on stage, and slamming bodies in the middle of the floor.