KK Jazz Festival 2012: Ad-libbing to the music; views from a sound and a lighting engineer

Sound engineer Stephen Lim said in a show with lots of different artists, you can use presets up to a point. Along with the musicians, the sound and lighting crew have to work “on the fly” to some degree, since live, improvised music means no backing tracks, and limits the amount of preparation possible.

RICHARD HENG | Lighting Engineer

“I wanted to learn as much as I could, but in Sabah at that time, there was no-one to ask how to use the equipment. I studied a lot myself, and in 2006 I paid for an online course. The basic lighting console we have is Avolites, manufactured in the UK. I went to their website to find courses to use the equipment. The company sent me a video about the basics. It cost USD 85. I carried on like this for a while then just continued learning off the board itself.”

Pot Amir talking at Suara Mega, the recording studio of Mega Boogie, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Pot Amir talks about the band Al Mawlid, at Suara Mega studios

“Everybody in the music scene that we knew before — when they come into contact with religion again — they tend to disappear from the music industry completely. They become something else totally different, like a clerk or something, to make ends meet. We tried that before, on our own, but we have a good teacher, and our teacher never told us to stop doing what we’re good at. This is our destiny, this is what we do best.”