Mr. Loud is the pseudonym for a senior career educationalist who works in Kota Kinabalu. I met him in August 2009.

Born and educated in Sabah, Mr. Loud trained as a maths teacher in Tuaran, and eventually became the principal of a very successful secondary school in Kota Kinabalu. When he left that position he headed up another organization, which has been in operation for some two decades.

He had strong opinions about the value of education, and I recorded our discussions. He is Chinese educated, and when I listened back, sometimes it was not easy to get the true point of a story. Language can be a subtle thing and when I had to guess the meaning of his expressions, I was scared of misrepresenting him.

I consider these stories to be my best achievement so far. It was not easy to understand what Mr. Loud had to say, but what a reward it was to read his content afterwards! His views are original, universally relevant to Learning, and sometimes very moving.

My favourite might be:

I love these stories. There isn’t a single picture on any of the posts, because content is king, and his stories are strong enough by themselves.

I hope one day there will be a chance to interview him again.

Patience vs Professionalism
A mature person should make decisions without emotion
If you can impart knowledge effectively, a student gets the chance to experience the joy of learning
Review Yourself
Teaching method, “Last time I suffer, now it’s your turn to suffer”
“I cannot do this myself, but I taught my students, and we won the competition”
Play for enjoyment, play for life
My son is not that smart, can you train him to be a music teacher?