Guest Contributors

People say: “Why don’t you write about this, or that? Somebody needs to do it.” Well, we don’t have the manpower nor the expertise to write about lots of different topics.

But in October 2011, one person was so passionate about his subject, that it moved me to consider opening a new section in the blog. After a press conference, he introduced himself and asked if I was interested in the symbolism of Murut headhunters’ art and tattoos. He opened his knapsack and enthusiastically brought out a wad of documentation and drawings of designs, and many pages photocopied from old books.

I said: “It does look interesting, but I don’t know anything about this and wouldn’t dream of writing a story about it.”

He looked so disappointed, and said: “It’s just that, no-one else is writing about this, and soon all the people who know about it will die out and we will have nothing documented properly in Sabah.”

Topics other than music

If people care so much about their culture, and are willing to do some work to tell the world about something they feel is important, maybe SabahSongs can help them document and share their special work.

SabahSongs will not run stories on topics which are already covered in English, online.


Similarly, guest opinions will be by invite only, for people who don’t usually express their opinions publically. The subject matter will mostly be about music in Sabah, but it need not be limited to that.

Note: SabahSongs will not run articles about politics.