SIMON KONG : Fusionist composer, Chinese orchestral music

“In my family there were no musical people. Nobody knew that music could do anything for our lives.”
Simon Kong has won international awards for his fusion work. He has transcribed scores for the national orchestras of Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore. UK percussionist Dame Evelyn Glennie has performed his work in Taiwan and in England.

Tshung Tsin chinese orchestra, conductor composer Simon Kong Shanghai Conservatory of Music

Shanghai comes to KK | Chinese Orchestra at Tshung Tsin Secondary School

Yap Keng Vui invited me to Sabah Tshung Tsin Secondary School [STTSS] to listen to a Chinese orchestra. This was … More

Chinese painting of happy, musical tadpoles and frogs Teo Seng Chong

TEO SENG CHONG | The man who brought the Chinese orchestra to Sabah

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As Blood Runs Black in KK: Befalls The Argosy…doom is coming

This is dark music. Ominous. The message pounding in my brain was impending doom…. So this is what they call Deathcore. The band is Befalls The Argosy, and aptly named, according to one of the band’s founders, lead guitarist Ted Ramli. He said this phrase describes “trading ships being attacked by pirates, bad weather or any terrible misfortune”.

As Blood Runs Black in KK: Nuk Chee talks about July’s upcoming show

“Bringing in an event is always a risky business, especially when you talk about metal and hard core genres: a lot of people just don’t understand that this is music as well. We want people to know that – even though it’s metal or hard core – it’s okay! It’s okay to come and have a good time at a metal show!”
– Nuk Chee, Shockwave Entertainment

‘Honeydew’ by Beverly Rachel. It’s beautiful, you’ll want to be her Valentine

So, when 18-year-old Beverly Rachel Matujal came to Eyes and Ears to record one of her original songs because her friend said to send it to, Chris Pereira got on the phone to Tonedeaf Stephen [I know right? And he’s a sound engineer] and said something like, “OMG, get over here Tonedeaf! We have to do something with this!” Tonedeaf was quite effervescent. “It’s really exciting to find somebody like that! She knows music…

Pot Amir talking at Suara Mega, the recording studio of Mega Boogie, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Pot Amir talks about the band Al Mawlid, at Suara Mega studios

“Everybody in the music scene that we knew before — when they come into contact with religion again — they tend to disappear from the music industry completely. They become something else totally different, like a clerk or something, to make ends meet. We tried that before, on our own, but we have a good teacher, and our teacher never told us to stop doing what we’re good at. This is our destiny, this is what we do best.”