I needed to share my knowledge and serve my Sabahan people | Resot Iggau, Head of Music, UMS

When we talk about exposure to music, KL is very good. But if we are talking about wanting to build a career long-term, I needed to come back to Sabah, I needed to share my knowledge and experience and serve my Sabahan people. Andrew Poninting also felt like that. We feel we have to share, because we are from here. We know what the level [of music knowledge] is like here. There was no college of music in Sabah, before the Music Programme in UMS.

SIMON KONG : Fusionist composer, Chinese orchestral music

“In my family there were no musical people. Nobody knew that music could do anything for our lives.”
Simon Kong has won international awards for his fusion work. He has transcribed scores for the national orchestras of Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore. UK percussionist Dame Evelyn Glennie has performed his work in Taiwan and in England.

Trust and Humanity | Gordon Pan’s guitars for Hillary Ang and Sonny Bahari

Surprisingly, these stories haven’t turned out to be about wood, paint, varnish and electronics. Professional musicians give Gordon their guitars, or he works with them to make something new. The guitar is the way through which they express what they have to say to the world. Not wood and varnish; trust and humanity.

Chinese painting of happy, musical tadpoles and frogs Teo Seng Chong

TEO SENG CHONG | The man who brought the Chinese orchestra to Sabah

[SabahSongs thanks Yap Keng Vui for translating all the conversations with Teo Seng Chong in this post.] Related story Shanghai … More

As Blood Runs Black in KK: Go-Pros, 9-foot cranes.. videographer Andy gears up

Andy said getting the footage is about 50% of the work. “Editing is where you show your work and make the impact. Since this is a concert, we will use original sound, so it will all depend on the quality of the audio recording and the angle that we shoot. We will use four cameras, including the Go-Pro, so we hope to capture lots of footage. There will be four of us filming.

As Blood Runs Black in KK: “Trust and Believe. It applies to everything.” Carlos, Afraid Clothing

Chneoh Beng Hin, aka Carlos, is founder of clothing line AFRAID. “I do it for the love of the music,” Carlos said. He works with his younger brother Sky. “It was Sky who picked out the name ‘Afraid Clothing’,” said Carlos. “I thought it was a cool name for a clothing line. So we stuck with it. The business started just this year, although we have been preparing it for about one year.”