“Fairy Tales” by Roger Wang

(BRISBANE, Australia) Even from across the Indian Ocean, musical Sabah is reaching out to me.

Roger Wang shows us that reaching the pinnacle in his career as a fingerstyle jazz guitarist is no reason to lose the desire to learn and explore new areas of artistry.

Made for Father’s Day in Sabah, “Fairy Tales” is a music video with a cast of Lego characters. This is Roger’s first recording of his singing voice, after over a decade of international recognition as a jazz instrumentalist. Fitting then, that this new challenge should be to sing a song of hopes and dreams to his young daughter, Sara.

“This is the most important song I have ever written,” he said. It doesn’t come more personal than that.

Making the video

It’s also the first video he has made himself, and here’s what he said about it.

The song was inspired by my daughter’s obsession with fairy tales and being a princess. It sums up a lot of my feelings about being a father as well as the hopes and lessons I have for her.

It’s often hard for a father to relate to dolls and the way young girls play. Playing Lego together was one of the few activities that we shared. All those hours helped bond us. This video was made with those Lego sets and mini-figures. They became the best way for me to express this song visually.

This song and video come from a very personal place, but it goes out to all fathers and daughters out there, regardless of age.

Roger’s video presses all my happy buttons!

Firstly, it is a wonderful irony that the special love of a parent, which is unique for his or her child, is also a universal gift graced to all peoples of all races, nationalities and social classes. We can all empathise with the tenderness that has been invested into this video.

Secondly, as I embark on a new adventure (new country, new work with music) I will always take my hat off to a friend who ventures into new waters in search of knowledge and experience. No sitting on his laurels, Roger Wang is delving into animation software and who knows what else. Go Roger!

As the story of Princess Sara’s life journey unwinds, she meets a few dashing Lego suitors along the way, including a villain and a clown. So who ended up being Prince Charming? A guitarist! As they say here in Aussie – FAR OUT!

Prince Ethan the guitarist

The cast and crew are a motley of Roger’s relatives and sound engineering buddies. Production by Roger, Yap, Stephen Lim; musicians Peter Lau and Gee Mojina provide percussion and additional vocals. The production assistants are Roger’s wife and daughter Claudina and Sara. Of course, the video would not be complete without a voiceover from Sara, too.

“Fairy Tales” is a heartwarmer of a song; a gift made with skill, humour, and a lot of love from Roger, his family and the irrepressible community of creative, musical Sabahans. Here it is. Sabah Boleh!

More about “Fairy Tales” on Fairy Tales Facebook Page

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  1. Reblogged this on Joanna Funk and commented:

    I’m so stoked about my new adventures in Brisbane, but those musical ties with Sabah are still going strong! Sabahan fingerstyle guitarist Roger Wang asked me to check out his music video. Ah, it pressed some good buttons for me. Here’s a review of it.

  2. A very touching song, meaningful and with an easy beat. Creative use of video cartoon to go along with the song. The message gets through softly and pleasantly. Roger Wang is not only a music maestro but also a gifted video artist. Truly an amazing piece of work that all fathers and children should see and listen.

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