Many photos from the book launch in this post!

Joanna Funk

Christmas Day, an awesomely lazy day with my beloved family finally together in Brisbane after being apart for months. Everyone’s nipping back into the kitchen for more eats; cold cuts off the bone, Mike’s Spanish-style sauted prawns, Pavlova, wine, cider… and it’s not noon yet. I’m in Heaven. Christmas stuff is on the telly, the “River Cottage Christmas Special”. Hey! When did Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall get a haircut?

Me, Mike and Miles are sprawled over the lounge carpet, with three lap tops open… yes, we are an unapologetically modern family.

I went through pictures and videos of the book launch, taken by Yap Keng Vui, Chris Pereira and CK Chua. Bless them, they took SO much! I’m sure Chris and Yap will be putting different products together later, with music and edits. But until then, here’s a quick gallery. If you were there, and especially if you held or…

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