As Blood Runs Black | T minus 1

“Look, for example, I hate politics. If I want to sing abour that, I don’t want to strum a guitar and sing nice lyrics. I want to shout and scream about it. It’s like that.” Karlos, Search And Destroy.

“We’ve been listening to this music for all our lives. Grown up with it. Some of it is really dark, but not all if it. You need to listen to the lyrics.” Maurice, Search and Destroy.

In Eyes & Ears right now. It’s the night before As Blood Runs Black plays at Razz Ma Tazz in Kota Kinabalu, brought in by Shockwave Entertainment.


Supporting bands from Sarawak Search And Destroy, and Cousin of Death are rehearsing at E n E.

It’s T minus 1 and time slows for no-one.

Doors open at 5pm, Sunday September 9th 2012.


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