T-Street’s “Kau Saja Milikku” | Video by Terence Blantocas

TERENCE BLANTOCAS of Tonguz Entertainment made a video of T-Street’s catchy song “Kau Saja Milikku”.

I watched it and remembered the great time I had when I first met these guys in Eyes & Ears, in 2010.

I called the first post, “Boleh cari makan kah?” which is something like, You think you can make enough to eat? [by being a musician], since the topic was all about making a living as a musician in Sabah.

They also did an Impromptu Jam, which ended up with Alvin MY singing English lyrics, Mr. Kudique [Rolln Augustine] rapping in Malay, Reuben Raymond adding harmony in Dusun, Terence Blantocas adding beats, and Sonny Bahari underpinning everything with a backdrop of acoustic guitar.

I remember thinking: “How on earth did I get in on this?” and feeling like I had somehow fallen into this secret magical world of musicians in Sabah.

Later, I still felt like that when I talked to T-Street at Eyes & Ears. They were recording bits of “Kau Saja Milikku”. I’d never been at a recording session before, so watching Rolln don the headphones and rap into a mic, behind a thick glass window, was all new and glamourous to me.

Chris hovering over that soundboard with a zillion fader things, tweaks and buttons could have been really impressive, but he always looks like this:

Chris recording Rolln

which isn’t scary at all! He’s so nice. No wonder people are always hanging out at Eyes & Ears.

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