Alvin MY’s “Raya di Kinabalu” by various artists – video

SabahSongs hasn’t made any posts about Hari Raya songs this year, so here is one called “Raya di Kinabalu“, a song originally written and recorded by Alvin MY in 2009, and now performed by a collaboration of local artists. [Here’s a post about Alvin’s EP from 2009.]

Hari Raya (Day of Celebration) marks the end of Ramadan, which is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and which Muslims worldwide observe as a month of fasting. What better way to celebrate than with a song?

Raya di Kinabalu is a story about a traveller who comes home for Raya. Alvin MY used to live and work in Kuala Lumpur when he was part of ‘Infinatez’, a Malaysian R&B / a cappella band. He said he wrote this song when living in KL, thinking about his siblings and good times in his home town Ranau, in Sabah.

“We did the musical arrangement again,” he said. “The first time it was done by Peter Peninting, this time it was by Donald Saimon, from Tawau.

“First, I checked with Chris [Pereira] that his Eyes & Ears studio was free, then I smsed each one of the artists. We did it in two sessions. This collaboration recording is being played by online radio stations now, as well as the main radio stations in KK.”

Alvin had stopped by Bella Restaurant with his wife Dazeree and baby daughter Adelise. “This new version of the song is very festive!” Dazeree said. Adelise was in a festive mood too, so much so she ended up having her first piano lesson, at Bella.

Artists in the Raya di Kinabalu collaboration were:

1. Mandy ‘Orkes Akiuku’
2. Nazri ‘Jiaja
3. Muttar ‘Frontman Company’
4. Angelina Perete
5. Adam Elias
6. Appy Tots
7. Prop ‘The Ariez’
8. Bob ‘Orkes Akiuku’
9. Angel ‘Bring Back The Arcade
10. Wiwie Daunah
11. Clarice John Matha
12. Pija & Kaetyng ‘Orkes Akiuku’
13. Ridah
14. Jade Sisters
15. Dang Bandangs Band
16. Alvin MY

Musical arrangement: Donald Saimon Mukri
Recording, mix and mastering: Eyes & Ears Production


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