Email from Harvard University

I was searching my emails and came across this from Jan 2011. It made me smile to see it again. I swear, when I first opened it I froze and asked my husband to look at it.

“Is it a hoax?” I asked. “Are they for real?”

He surfed around a bit and said, “They’re a genuine organisation. Email them separately and ask if they sent you an email.”

I did, and they had. In an explanation of How it works on their website, they say:

So. What does it mean if you’ve gotten an e-mail from us asking you to take our survey? Well, you’re one (in 1000) in a million (in almost two hundred million)! Pat yourself on the back, then click on the link we sent you and answer our questions.

I have no connections to Harvard, and there was nothing to bring them to SabahSongs except these stories about people working in music in Sabah. Awesome.


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