‘Sang Perindu’ by Sumarli Loli – from Element Tree Music House

Sumarli Loli is Element Tree Music House’s first male vocal artist! At least out of the artists that have found their way to SabahSongs.

Sang Perindu is a crooner for Latin ballroom dancing! Definitely for the aunties and uncles; I can just see them at the Blue Lagoon in Sutera Resort, dancing cheek-to-cheek to Sumarli’s warm, smoochy voice [think Englebert Humperdinck].

Sang Perindu is Easy Listening, with a touch of the gentle side of 1950s Cuba. Why Cuba? Because Element Tree’s Ateq is playing Timbales, the sound of which immediately conjures up visions of men wearing suits or flowery shirts and women in print dresses dancing close together in sweaty, smoky Cuban nightclubs.

Sumarli looks the part with his close-cut hair, shirt, tie and jacket.

Matlan, SilasLin and Ateq add additional percussion; while Bryan Leong’s flute, sax and clarinet make the ‘Latin horn section’ sound. Romantic and flowery piano chords from Mok, plus some very Spanish acoustic guitar riffs from Matlan over Sumarli’s verses are the finishing touches.

Together with a Havana cigar, this CD would make many of our elders very happy! Calls for a party in the kampung!


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