As Blood Runs Black in KK: Go-Pros, 9-foot cranes.. videographer Andy gears up

I had breakfast with Amos and Nuk to meet Andy Chia of DeeBee Studios, who will be videographer for As Blood Runs Black in KK.

He’s an active guy, having been a diving instructor working the islands of Sabah and the luxury holiday resorts for some six years. He hooked up with Scubazoo, working as a resort video cameraman for them for three years. “Scubazoo used to film my guests when I took them diving. So later on, I became the person that filmed the guests and the other divers.

“It was nice work. Sabah is one of the top diving destinations in the world. People pay to dive here, and I was working with them every day!”

Andy took a break when he had an ear infection, and while attending a friend’s wedding, he paid a bit of attention to the resulting wedding video. “I was thinking about what I could do to come back to KK one day. I couldn’t see myself working on an island for the rest of my life.”

Andy took two more years to get the right equipment, resign, and start his own video company DeeBee Studio. That was three years ago.

“Instead of filming fish, I now film people, and they’re happy people! At a wedding all the people are smiling. It’s easy work!

“This will be my first filming of a full music concert. I did film 6ixband, and made a video which they submitted for the KK Jazz Festival Talent Search.”

Andy will bring his Go-Pro camera. “I used it when I was diving in Sipadan. You can put it on your head when you go cycling, skiing, sky diving, swimming underwater.

Photograph from Go Pro’s website.

“I will position it in a few locations to create an impact: maybe beside the drums, so you can see the drummer play, and then move it to the guitar, then have someone diving into the mosh pit wearing it. We can attach it to the mic, to capture the expression of the singer.

Andy said getting the footage is about 50% of the work. “Editing is where you show your work and make the impact. Since this is a concert, we will use original sound, so it will all depend on the quality of the audio recording and the angle that we shoot. We will use four cameras, including the Go-Pro, so we hope to capture lots of footage. There will be four of us filming.

“My guys will be using a 9-foot crane, which we normally use at weddings. In a big hall, when you use a crane, you feel like you are watching a movie! It has a cinematic effect!”

“This is a very big show for us,” said Amos. “We have a band from the States coming to KK, and we wanted to invest in videography, for sponsorship purposes in the future. We talked to Terence Vivalova [see Vivalova’s Noize Coalition video] about doing the video, but it’s not easy when they are in Labuan and we are in KK.”

As Blood Runs Black will also have their own crew filming their tour. Nuk said in a previous post:

We want everyone to know that both sides are filming; the band has a film crew and so do we. So that everyone will give their best, dive off the stage, mosh even harder, do bigger mosh pits, make epic Walls of Death. We hope they will give their very best!


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