As Blood Runs Black in KK: Befalls The Argosy…doom is coming

I listened to some tracks by a local metal band today.


This is dark music. Ominous. The message pounding in my brain was impending doom…. So this is what they call Deathcore.

The band is Befalls The Argosy, and aptly named, according to one of the band’s founders, lead guitarist Ted Ramli. He said this phrase describes “trading ships being attacked by pirates, bad weather or any terrible misfortune”.

Yeah, it sounds like that! Like terrible things are coming.

I haven’t met these guys but I reckon they’re pretty switched on. They’re clearly skilled and able to play their instruments to hit that terror button just right. They’re also organised. Befalls The Argosy was founded in March 2010. By May the band had recorded its first demo, and by October BTA was performing in a metal gig, “Have A Nice Grind”, in Tawau, Sabah.

The band’s line-up has been through a couple of changes, to some extent because they’re quite multi-talented and involved in other artistic endeavours, for example, independent clothing lines.

They’re scheduled for a recording session soon, and fans might be in for surprise when they get on stage…

I watched one of their gigs on YouTube, they played covers of “Lifeless” and “Sonnet of The Wretched” [great name!], songs by U.S. band Chelsea Grin. The crowd was mad for BTA. They cheered, and chanted “We want more!” So they played “Crewcabanger”, and I heard some impressive guitar arpeggios amid all that abysmal despair.

Kota Kinabalu is getting more of Befalls The Argosy too. They’re supporting U.S. metal band As Blood Runs Black, which plays at Razz Ma Tazz in KK on July 9th, 2012. Other supporting bands are Maria Campbell from Cebu, Philippines, and Search & Destroy from Sarawak.

Maybe I’ll get to talk to BTA and write some more about them.

Well, maybe…

Listen guys, I eat wholemeal bread, do morning walks in Bukit Padang and like to read books about dragons. If you all growl DEATHCORRRRR at me, I will faint. So go easy, okay? \m/


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