“Sekian Lama (Melepaskan Cinta)” by Devreney, from Element Tree Music House

Singer Devreney is Dusun and from Tamparuli. Her song “Sekian Lama (Melepaskan Cinta)” was written [music and lyrics] by Element Tree Music House’s Matlan. He also arranged and produced this track.

The latest offerings from Element Tree Music have been distinctively mellifluous! They have beginnings with gentle guitars and beautiful voices to make you sway happily. Ha ha, what’s the deal guys? Did someone fall in love?

I have seen Devreney sing at an event in Kota Kinabalu; she is an accomplished performing artiste.

“Sekian Lama” is simple and lyrical for the most part, before building into something richer and more complex towards the end. Devreney is a confident and powerful singer, and her skill gives Matlan all the freedom of musical expression he needs, to achieve what he wants with this track.

Matlan modulates the song, fills out “Sekian Lama” until it has a euphoric feel, and closes it in the relative minor right in the last bar, with Devreney’s last note landing on the fifth. It’s unusual and cool, and he obviously had fun knowing that Devreney can handle all that.

They’re clever at Element Tree Music House, as well as madly musical. Whatever next…?


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