Bro says venues should hire more live bands, and ‘we should also have more discipline’

On the sidelines of GMG Media’s Rockfest Marathon auditions, Bro Langau had a few words to share with our local musicians.

Bro is a tireless champion for the music. After a spell as Sabah’s DJ voice on Malaynet online radio, he went on to build up SabahanFM with its founder. Then he founded OnlineFM, Sabah’s online radio station for local independent bands. He’s managed to organise many music events despite not having much of a budget to speak of.

Bro said: “I always use GSP [Golden Sound Productions] and TJS [Trafic Jam Studio]. They are from KK. They always help me, as I have no budget, and I would really like to say Thank You to them.”

“I was disappointed with a few bands. I have been saying on Facebook in Malay and in English, Be prepared. Tune your instruments. Come early. We are not children, everybody here is over 20 years old. We even provide tuners for them.”

“Our local bands will be sharing the stage with the big Malaysian bands, and the record labels will be looking at us. There’s a chance they will take on a few of our bands”, our Bro said.

Discipline ourselves

“I don’t mind saying this to our musicians,” said Bro. “It’s like what I always say: Kalau Bukan Kita Siapa Lagi? [If not us, who else?] We have to raise ourselves.

“Some musicians say I don’t understand them, because I don’t play. It’s true, I don’t play an instrument. But I’ve been doing this for four years now, I only say what I see. We need to have more discipline. If you want people to help you, you have to help yourselves.”

Venues should consider hiring a live band

“The venue managers, they always want to pay for a singer, but not for a band. Why not a live band? Our local bands want a chance to play, they don’t ask for very high pay. At least talk to them. Maybe you can pay them some token, but definitely speak with them and try and work out something.

“If they say they don’t know any bands, get them to come to me. I know hundreds of bands, and I can help them. They don’t have to pay me, but they must pay the bands something.”

He’s nice isn’t he?

Learn about OnlineFM.

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