GMG Media’s Rockfest Marathon auditions: bands come rain or shine

[Many thanks to Ervina at GMG Media, for the lists below of the bands who performed each day. Click them to enlarge]

Rain poured down on Kota Kinabalu city Sunday June 10th, as I was driving around Asia City to find my friend Bro Langau, the hard-working hero of Indie bands in Sabah.

Bro was emceeing the auditions for GMG Media’s event Rockfest Marathon – Concert for the Environment. It was around noon, my car windows were slightly open, and I could hear the auditions. That was easy.

Bro Langau was introducing Soundblazer Suhaimie’s band when I found him. Finally I get to see this guy, after several threads on Facebook over the years! His band performed and he was a total rock star: The Voice! The Stance! It would have been nice to speak with him too, but that didn’t happen this time.

The area was packed with band members. Everyone stood under canopies, huddled together out of the rain. Bro said this wet weather was good. The previous day had been brilliantly sunny, and although everyone would have woken up elated and raring to go, Bro said by midday the unrelenting heat was punishing.

The stage was set up at Wisma Budaya, Asia City. Some 43 bands auditioned over the two days, and 25 will play at the Rockfest Marathon on July 7th at the Padang Merdeka, alongside Malaysia’s top names in rock: Pop Shuvit, Love Me Butch and Deja Voodoo Spells. GMG Media aims to host a show of 22 hours of live music – a marathon indeed!

The judges of the auditions were Naza Aja from Jiaja and Momain Blues, Kamal Ahmed and Fairudz from the band Prataz. Here they are with GMG Media owner Marty Harris-Murshidi [known as Uncle M].

All eyes will be on GMG Media’s announcement soon, listing who made it through the auditions, to play at the Marathon on July 7th.

Learn about Rockfest Marathon III.

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Photos are courtesy of Tomm and OnlineFM.



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