Belalang opens the ‘Save The Giants’ dinner event with Ronan Keating

Belalang Ronan Keating concert Save The Giants Sabah

Belalang Ronan Keating Save The Giants Clams Sabah Cikgu Shariff Kassim

Cikgu Shariff Kassim is a teacher from Kudat, and the Abah of the original KidZ, all from Kudat. He was at Bunga Raya Island Resort & Spa because his second generation of extraordinary child musicians — Belalang, or Grasshopper — were opening Ronan Keating‘s dinner concert on April 21, as part of the ‘Save The Giants’ campaign to raise awareness about marine conservation issues. Press conference is here.

“Belalang are a 6-piece band, although only four were performing today,” said Cikgu Shariff.


  • Alexius Daniel – lead guitar
  • Rajib Salim – guitar and keyboard
  • Nor Fitri – Drum
  • Rykli – bass

“Belalang were invited to do a 20 minute set. We are now planning to make a local album. It’s quite a simple style, but it’s jazz,” Cikgu Shariff continued.

Cikgu Shariff said the way he is training them is the same as the original KidZ. He is trying to bring out new talents in them.

Here is a larger interview with Cikgu Shariff. Matlan Kidz and his Abah. A extraordinary journey from Kudat to KK.

Cikgu Shariff said they are just playing the Saturday night, and then they are going home, so that they can rest before going back to school.

Cikgu Shariff said their music is jazz, but quite a simple style. Ha ha, I bet their style is not simple by normal people’s standards! But I didn’t get to hear them this time. When I DO hear what they sound like, you can BET I will be telling the whole world about them, here!

Go Belalang and Cikgu Shariff!

[SabahSongs thanks Nasier Lee for translating for me!]

Belalang and Cikgu Shariff Kassim Ronan Keating Save The Giants Sabah


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