Lounge piano at Bella Restaurant. Thanks Chef, it’s been great – VIDEO

I asked photographer Nasier Lee to come to my gig at Bella Restaurant in the Jesselton Hotel, and take photos and short video clips, so that I could put together a video to thank Chef Leo and his crew for good times over the last couple of years.

Here it is.



  1. It was our delight to discover you the very night this was video taped. Ummmmm the music was great and Nic was absolutely delighted too as he’s a jazz lover.

    Truly enjoyable and you’ll definitely see us more often to enjoy your music.


    1. Grace, I’m really happy that we have met, and I hope to have the chance to know you better.

      You and Nic are stars in the video yourselves, and Nic’s smoke made it a perfect “lounge jazz” video šŸ™‚

      See you soon. Joanna

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