Element Tree Music House introduces MAR

Also from Element Tree Music House

Matlan Kidz was telling me about the newest addition to Element Tree Music House’s list of artistes – MAR from Tamparuli. He gave me Marlenney Fane JL Paul’s new song “Akhir Saat Ini”, produced by Silas Lin.

RTM’s Brian Leong opens the song with a husky, tender sax intro, before Mar’s warm voice delivers a passionate ballad which will have listeners’s heads swaying gently in empathy.

“Mar is mixed – Rungus (from Kudat) and Dusun (from Tamparuli)” said Matlan. “She’s got a good, versatile voice, and she can reach high notes!” He enthused.

“Akhir Saat Ini” is filled with fine instrumental solos and rich and emotional breaks, which is no surprise considering the musicians involved in the recording.

Here’s the line-up

  • Vocals and back-up vocals: Marlenney Fane JL Paul
  • Drums and bass guitar: Ateq
  • Electric and acoustic guitar: Ameng
  • Keyboards: Mok
  • Saxophone: Brian Leong Vui Siung
  • Mixed by Silas Lin and Matlan

Marlenney’s certainly in good hands if those KIdZ have discovered her. The very best of luck to this new artist.


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