So who’s researching Tian Long?

I noticed a lot of Google searching on Tian Long was bringing traffic to the blog, so I asked our very own Hakka singer what’s going on?

He said: “Ah, there’s an artist management company in KL who’s looking to sign me up for their label, but it’s now under discussion.”

“Will see what their offer is first,” he added with a 🙂 .

Boy Tian! KL better offer you something good, after all your challenges!

You don’t know the Tian Long story? It will break your heart then make you cheer!

On top of that, Tian’s planning to produce a karaoke DVD of his Hakka songs, taking tracks from his previous albums and adding some new ones specially for the DVD.

That’s gonna be a winner! Can you imagine people all over the world acting out “Don’t Go England” – crying and on their knees? I can!

Hey Tian, make sure I get to review the DVD – and you must be with me to translate! Is it a deal?

Watch this space.


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