Beauty in Simplicity. That’s the “Janji” EP. That’s Jade Sisters.

This is my advice to every Sabahan guy who is living somewhere in the world OUTSIDE SABAH:

  1. Get hold of this two-track EP “Janji”.
  2. Go to your nearest Tesco’s, Sainsbury’s, WalMart, Coles, Le Clerc or whatever the supermarket is in your particular country, and buy a six-pack.
  3. Go home, play “Janji” on your CD player, and cry into your beer while you remember your sweetheart who was in Tamparuli, or Keningau, or Tenom, or Ranau, or Tanjung Aru, and wonder why the hell you aren’t holding her hand, gazing into her baby brown eyes over an ABC right now?

Joan, Amy, Didi and Erika, who are the sisters who make up JADE, harmonise perfectly over a single acoustic guitar for the lead track “Janji”.

Their songs are so pretty and simple, they stand out because truly good things don’t need to hide behind anything! Beauty in Simplicity. Listening to this EP will make you think of everything lovely about Sabah.

Then you can cry some more.

Jade have been doing this all their lives, and whenever you see them perform, that’s exactly what comes across.  They are just natural. Chris Pereira said when they came into Eyes & Ears, they knew just what to do, were totally professional despite making their first recording, and it was all wrapped up in half the allocated studio time. The girls are competent, and totally down-to-earth.

On the second track “Jadi Untuk Ngadau”, they are joined by that superb musician in all senses of the word [skill, feeling and showmanship] Mr. Sonny Bahari. So, add Sonny B’s slide guitar and harmonica for a whimsical blues, plus Didi’s ukelele and some congos for a Sabahan reggae lilt – it’s a tropical island feel for sure. Wanna cry some more and wish you were on a desert island with your Sabahan girl?

So, what about those of you who actually in Sabah? Buy this EP, listen to the songs, and BE HAPPY! You’re in Sabah and listening to the Jade Sisters. Life is So Good!

Get “Janji” the EP by contacting these places.


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