A personal post at Christmas

I don’t usually make personal posts, because SabahSongs isn’t about me, it’s about music and all of you. But I’m making an exception, because Christmas brings nostalgia whether I want it or not.

Christmas was always a musical time, even before coming to Sabah. I was organist at a church in London for 11 years, and Midnight Mass was the most moving night of the year because I love those old hymns and Christmas carols.

The church served a large, urban community. Around 1000 people packed into it for Midnight Mass from about 11.30pm, many standing up against the walls in their heavy coats and fleece hats; cheeks pink from the freezing night air, or warm and rosy after coming straight from the pub.

So many private prayers under one roof: asking for protection of loved ones, for strength to face challenges ahead. All of them different, yet all of them the same; and everyone seeking solace from the familiar songs of this time.

I would like to say here:

  • Thanks for the many past years of friendship: Caroline O’B and Christina Q, Mariah K, Guitar Mary and Derek, Tony and Choir Mary.
  • Please pray for Leo and Emilia, whose courage is beyond description. Leo said on his FB profile: “As you all know I will be getting a kidney transplant. Follow my blog at http://kidneytransplantlive.wordpress.com. Thanks to my wife, I can live longer.”
  • I wish our readers of all faiths a joyful Christmas, happy holidays, and a safe and peaceful 2012.

Joanna Funk,

December 2011

Here is a more normal SabahSongs story

Christmas carols and fine dining. Have a Bella, Bella Christmas, everybody!