Element Tree Music House presents lovely new singer “WEN”

malay pop ballad "Kaulah Pujaan Ku" by Sabahan Chinese singer WEN produced and published by Element Tree Music House

I opened up Gmail the other day. In my Inbox there was a photo of a smiling, pretty young woman with long eye lashes, and the name “WEN” underneath, in very big letters!

The email was from MaTLaNKIdZ… you cannot read my blog and not know about this guy aka Raimon bin Sukudat.

Matlan said that Wen is a new local Chinese singer who also sings in Malay, and this is her new Malay single, “Kaulah Pujaan Ku“.

“Kaulah Pujaan Ku” is a pop ballad, very catchy and not too slow. The melody is full of warmth and I can imagine Wen smiling as she sings this song in the recording studio. The studio incidently is in Element Tree Music House – they produced and published Wen’s single. Element Tree Music House also produced and published the KiDZ’s Hari Raya single “Di Hari Raya” and “Selamat Hari Raya” (Lagu Bajau).

Sure enough, it’s the KiDZ letting their talent branch out into music production and songwriting…Alvy Durin wrote the song and lyrics. Matlan did the music arrangement. On the single, who’s playing spine-tingling solos in the break…? Matlan of course, with other KiDZ Mok on keyboards, Ameng on bass guitar, and Ateq on drums. Silaslin produced the single, with Alvy as co-producer.

The colours and fonts on the album cover remind me of a schoolgirl’s note book; big printed handwriting, scribbles of hearts and a little stick girl. It made me smile. These KiDZ, they’re not kids anymore, but they’re still young, eh? As is Wen!

It’s pretty clear from this Element Tree Music House product that the music comes first, crosses barriers and brings all sorts of people together to make something good. You would not expect anything less from these genuinely musical and skilled Sabahans. Wen must be very happy and proud of her work also. Well done Element Tree Music House, get this catchy song “Kaulah Pujaan Ku” playing on the local radio stations soon!

[To read the CD sleeve more clearly, click ONCE to select the image, then click AGAIN to magnify the image].


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