Destroy Shred Destroy [Sabah]: Shockwave is a serious event manager

Heavy metal music event Destroy Shred Destroy at Chocolate Factory KK Times Square by Shockwave event manager

A few months ago, I was talking with a guy who grew up in Kota Kinabalu then moved to Wellington, New Zealand. I was telling him about how I went to my first metal gig in Asia City and witnessed my first mosh pit.

“Really?” he said.
“They have that kind of thing in KK?”

They sure do, and brothers Emmanuel [“Nuk”] and Amos Chee, founders of event management company Shockwave Entertainment have turned this “thing” into an event to be respected.

Not ‘respected’ like: “Now we have to wear a suit.”

‘Respected’ like: “Shockwave can hold an event, can fill a venue; Shockwave can deliver.”

I hadn’t touched bases with Nuk and Amos for a while, but I remembered that their event was November 5th, at the Chocolate Factory in KK Times Square. I could drop by for an hour, but needed to be somewhere else at 5.30pm.

So, KK Times Square on a Saturday afternoon is pretty quiet, many offices were closed and hardly any cars parked around. I drove clockwise through the empty streets until… POW. People milling about on the last corner of the Square, many of them with guitars slung on their backs; I had found “Destroy Shred Destroy” [Sabah] at the Chocolate Factory.

I took a look inside, it was packed from stage to back wall, and more outside. Nuk came out to meet me, and led me through the crowds to where the bands were, so I could see better. 4AG were on stage – I was happy to see them again; I got a soft spot for them. 4AG were the first band SabahSongs ever wrote about. Singer Wah was slinging stuff into the crowds.

The atmosphere was great: bodies up against the stage, paying homage to the frantic guitarists; moshing up front, thrashing bodies in the pit; people standing shoulder-to-shoulder behind that. Terence Vivalova swung his video camera around, many photographers were crouched or hanging off stuff to get their angled pictures, including these by Ahmad ‘Cipoi’ Saiful of Senseless Art. Thank you, Cipoi!

They had a fabulous emcee! A gorgeous, cool chick with a clear, strong voice who could really work the crowd, remember to credit all the sponsors, stuff like that. I don’t know what her name is – Gordon Chin told me but I couldn’t hear him properly. Maybe someone will post her name below.

[UPDATE: Nuk said her name is Amy Dangin, and she’s the sister of that wild-eyed and maniacally happy drummer KARUK!]

Shockwave Entertainment brought together the passion and creative goodwill of several streetwear designers, photographers, videographers, local radio, sound system suppliers, local media, to jointly make this event of local heavy metal bands plus the headliners from KL, a reality.

Here’s the event flyer, designed by Aphik of Vandalism Streetwear and Christy Martin of Last Bloodline Clothing. The list of event supporters shows the Chee Bros know how to organise and coordinate both themselves, and others.

"Destroy Shred Destroy" flyer designed by Aphik of Vandalism Streetwear and Christy Martin of Last Bloodline Clothing

As I was leaving, Beyond My Rage had got their bass pulse going… you know, that deep, dark and terrible throbbing which almost makes your heart stop!

Here’s more detail about the background of DSD Sabah, on Gordon Chin’s article in the Borneo Post.

And of course, check out Shockwave Entertainment themselves, on their Facebook page.

Congratulations to Shockwave and all involved in this packed-out, hugely successful heavy metal music event.

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