Exclusive Story! Sabah’s Jade Sister Didi Moo makes it to the next round in Korea’s MBC Star Audition Season 2 talent search!

Didi Moo contestant in MBC Star Audition Season 2

You make your own luck. Nothing truer could be said about our girl from Tamparuli, Didi Moo, one of the JADE SISTERS. Above is a picture of Didi holding up her name card in Korean, because she’s made it to the qualifying rounds of a global talent search, MBC Star Audition Season 2.

From what I can make out, MBC takes auditions from all over the world, and the contenders are flown to Korea to take part in the search for the next Asian pop star!

Her sister Joan flew there with her, and she said most of the contestants were from South Korea, the U.S. the Philippines, Japan, Brazil, Germany, as well as Malaysia. Joan said Didi made it to “Camp Week”, and is the only non-Korean in the youtube contestant category to get this far for this season. She added that Didi is the only Malaysian to have ever made it this far in this competition.

MBC is the Korean national broadcasting company and MBC Star Audition is an extensive talent search. The deadline to upload videos was August 27, and Didi was one of 50 contestants [out of some 500] picked to go through to the 2nd round audition.

“Everything happened so fast,” said Jade Sisters’ manager Chris Pereira of Eyes & Ears Production. “I think she was notified 3-5 days before she had to fly!”

Here are Didi’s youtube auditions. Doesn’t she sound great?





So, what made Didi enter? Are any of her audition entries covers of Korean songs? How did she feel when she got an email? [Scream!] What were they like at MBC? What happens now?

Chris said Didi and Joan fly back to KK today, and the plan is to meet SabahSongs after that so that we can give you the full picture!

Let’s get behind our Sabahan Girl and follow her journey. As they say … WATCH THIS SPACE!

To read more about Didi and all the Jade Sisters, go to the Search Engine on the homepage, and type “JADE”. There are about 6 articles on Jade Sisters, including a “Janji” EP review, Hari Raya song review, and full profile under the Sabahan Genes series: “Jade Sisters, The Girls from Next Door.”

The ongoing story of Didi Moo’s progress in the MBC Star Audition is exclusive to SabahSongs. Initial media enquiries should be directed to Mr. Chris Pereira of Eyes & Ears Production. Information from this website should not be republished elsewhere without prior consent from Mr. Pereira and SabahSongs.

Contact details.
Chris Pereira: eyesandears.kk@gmail.com
SabahSongs: sabahsongs@gmail.com



  1. Congratulations to her. She is definitely deserving it. No doubt. I would say she is really really talented and she got a nice voice. I wish her all the best!

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