Alvin MY’s “Raya di Kinabalu” is on Learning You, his EP cd

Lagu Raya Di Kinabalu song by Alvin MY on this album

It’s cool that an album I reviewed in April 2010 is very relevant right now, because Raya is here again and Alvin reminded me that his song “Raya di Kinabalu” is on it. Here’s what I wrote last year, I liked it a lot. Actually, I remember liking the whole album a lot. Go Alvin!

The songs are varied and embrace everything: modern life and hip hop elements, then some Sumazau grooves within that. He sings in English and in Malay. Sometimes the songs are tender, sometimes unrestrained happiness bursts through – he captures that on the track “Raya di Kinabalu”, a tale about a traveller who comes home for Raya. Alvin says he was thinking about his siblings and good times in his home town when he wrote that song.

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