Sabah’s Tian Long is in the World Hakka Pop Music Finals in Meizhou, China!

In February this year we posted the story about Sabahan musician Tian Long, aka The Hakka Singer, who had totally given up trying to be a musician, after struggling in KL for ten years with managers who would not help him, but would not release him from his contract. He came back to KK, set up his own business as a graphic artist, and vowed never try to make music again.

One day, just for fun, he wrote a song in Hakka. He put it up on youtube, to share and have a laugh with a friend. The song was “Don’t Go England”, about a guy in KK asking his girlfriend not to go to England to study, because a lot of them don’t come back.

Tian Long, Don't Go England

Overnight, it was shared with Hakka Chinese all over the world, and Tian logged on the next day to find a couple of thousand viewers had seen his video. The arrival of the internet meant Tian reached an audience without needing an agent or a manager.

Performances in Malaysia, a CD and a sponsor followed; Tian now lives in KK, continuing both his music and his graphics business.

The power of music is a magical thing. In China, they learned about Tian Long, he won their hearts and they asked him to perform there.

NOW… Tian has been invited to attend the World Hakka Pop Music Awards 2011, which will be held in Meizhou, China on August 20. It’s the first ever Hakka pop music award ceremony to be held in China! Over 2000 songs were submitted to the competition from all over the world.

Tian Long performance at Shenzhen

Two of Tian’s compositions — “Don’t Go England”, and “Da Pao Wang” — have made the Final Top 20 List. Part of the voting was done on China’s radio station, and Tian’s songs held the top spots for 12 out of 24 weeks!

The categories for the awards as below:

1. Hakka pop music composition top 10 (10 awards)
2. The best new talent
3. The best lyrics
4. The best composition
5. The best music arrangement
6. The most popular male singer
7. The most popular female singer
8. The most Hakka music contribution award
9. The best album

Voting has finished, and the vote breakdown will be:

Online votes: 40%
Postal votes: 10%
Professional judges’ votes: 20%
Weekly radio broadcasting results: 30%

So Tian will be at this huge event on August 20th, when they announce the winners. Is he excited?

“Yup!” he said. “Also, I just got a message from my friend in China saying fans from Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen will attend the awards ceremony to support me! I’m really happy to hear that!”

The distance from Beijing to Meizhou is 1,740 km! They really ARE fans!

I really wish we could have all voted for Sabah’s very own Hakka Singer! Let’s keep our fingers crossed for him, and we will of course report the results!

Here is the video that started it all…

Tian’s blog has information about his albums and lots of roadshow videos.



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