Mr. Loud: My son is not that smart, can he train to be a music teacher?

Mr. Loud [a pseudonym] is Chinese and has spent a lifetime in education in KK. In 2009 I wrote up some of the stories he told me. It was difficult, because sometimes I didn’t understand him and I was scared to misrepresent him. But his stories were interesting and I persevered hoping SabahSongs would be the place to record his legacy in English. But this has all stopped. Maybe one day someone will let him know that SabahSongs grew, and I would love the chance to write about him again.

Other stories from Mr. Loud

The first Mr. Loud post, from July 28 2009

I told Mr. Loud about a story a professional session musician, bass player Timothy Tang, once told me.  He was playing a shopping mall gig in KL, and heard a mother tell her son, “Nah. If you don’t study hard you will end up being like THEM.”

“Can you believe that?”  I said to Mr. Loud.

He laughed and said:  “Oh yes. That is so so common here.  The things I have heard, you won’t believe it. There are two very common things the parents come and tell me [at his music school]:

1)   “My son is not that smart.  I think he won’t do well in those difficult subjects. I think maybe you can train him to become a music teacher.”

2)   “I’m quite angry. I bring my child to you and now there’s big problem.  He likes his music too much, practise practise all the time. Now, he is not doing his REAL subjects.”

Here is the story Tim told me:


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