Mr. Loud: Patience vs Professionalism

[Originally posted September 18, 2009]

Good teaching is the ability to impart the knowledge effectively. If you can do that, you give your students the chance to experience the joy of learning.

A lot of people say, “I can’t teach, I haven’t got enough patience to be a teacher”. Wrong. You need to be professional to be a teacher. Professionalism and patience are not the same.

Professionalism in teaching is like this: If I teach a student, and he or she cannot do it, then this is a challenge! I will be curious! A professional person will never think they cannot handle you, they will see it as a challenge to teach you! Challenge means you’re a good fighter. You like trying to achieve, to find out how to make the learner grasp and master the knowledge. YOU have to find different ways to impart the knowledge with the learner, until they can do it.

For a professional teacher, this is interesting, and not boring. Therefore patience is not needed. To need patience means that the teacher finds dealing with a student who cannot learn quickly boring or frustrating. If you don’t feel the challenge, it means you think that it’s the student’s fault. “The student is failing ME.” You begin to BLAME the learner.

I’m a quite hot-tempered person. But when it comes to teaching students, or training teachers, no matter what type of answer you give me, no matter how lousy, or how wrong, I never scold anyone.

Why? Because whatever answer they give me, even bad answer, it helps me understand what level they are at now. From there, I can lift them from that point, to their destination. So you can see, those very hot-tempered teachers, they scold the children, every time they scold the children, they are not professional.

Discipline – yes, you must correct bad discipline, because children cannot learn with bad discipline. But when it comes to LEARNING, the teacher cannot simply pour their anger to the children. That means you are not admitting your own problems, that you are not a good teacher.

Mr. Loud is a pseudonym for a music educator in Kota Kinabalu. He has strong opinions which I liked, and I wrote them down as much as I could before it wasn’t convenient for him to meet anymore. He is Chinese educated, from Sabah, and I only edit for clarity. I don’t want to correct grammar. It’s his voice, so you can read it the way he tells it. His views do not represent Sabah Songs.


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