Mr. Loud: A mature person should make decisions without emotion

[Originally posted September 2, 2009]

Decision-making shows the depth of a person, and a mature person should make decisions free of emotion. A lot of people are selfish in the way they make decisions. Something upset them and they say “No!” to the whole project. So emotional. They think like kids. I give you one example.

X was a piano teacher at my music school. He was appointed a music academy examiner, and later he was assigned to go to KL to do examining. The day before, he called me. The head office forgot about him, forgot to book him a ticket and hotel. Now all fully booked. He was upset.

I said: Okay, the company failed to book him a ticket, but he should just get a ticket and go.

He said he’s not going. They didn’t send the ticket. It’s so late and everything is fully booked. It’s not his fault, it’s the company’s fault. He was insulted and hurt.

I said, “Have you checked business class, first class. Any tickets left?”

“Got,” he said.

“Buy,” I said. “Just get it. If they don’t pay, I will pay.”

So he went to KL. When he came back, this became a case study for my teachers.

So I ask my teachers: If the management failed to book your ticket and hotel, do you think you would want to go?

Majority of the teachers said “No”. The feeling is: It’s the management’s fault. Nobody can blame you for not going. How are you supposed to do it, when the management has not bought any tickets or booked hotel. If the academy failed to make the bookings, it’s not up to the teacher to make them look good.

I said: You people have still got emotions! You think, if you don’t go, you are punishing the management. It’s not like that.

Firstly, if you don’t go, you punish yourself. It’s YOUR name on the paper, your reputation that you damage. You don’t turn up, nobody will find out that it’s because you don’t have a plane ticket. Nobody will blame the management. YOU are the one who will be blamed.

Secondly, the reputation of the music academy will be spoiled. That hurts all of us.

Thirdly, what about the candidates? I asked X how many candidates he saw. He said about 170. 170 candidates wanting to take exams in KL! They are well prepared for this one, you CANNOT disappoint them, no matter how, you have to go.

I said to the teachers, the depth is not there in your thinking. Your thinking is so emotional, so selfish, so narrow. You decide to punish somebody because of your own feelings, and then you burn the whole jungle.

(Afterwards, I asked Mr. Loud if he got his money back. He said: The company did reimburse me, since it was ME claiming for the business class plane ticket. Whether they would have done it if X had bought a business class ticket and claimed for it, that I do not know.)

Mr. Loud is a pseudonym for a music educator in Kota Kinabalu. He has strong opinions which I enjoyed listening to, and I got as many interviews as I could before it wasn’t convenient for him to meet anymore. He is Chinese educated, from Sabah, and I only edit for clarity. I don’t want to correct grammar. It’s his voice, so you can read it the way he tells it. His views do not represent Sabah Songs.


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