NOIZE, Glorious NOIZE!

Amos and Emmanuel Chee are two Sabahan brothers on a mission; they are channeling their 10-year passion for the local music scene to bring the spotlight to local artists in KK. The brothers have obtained their trading license and have formed SHOCKWAVE ENTERTAINMENT, their events company.

Sabahans Emmanuel Amos Chee of Shockwave Entertainment Noize Coalition event

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Amos said, “My first time organizing a gig/show was back in 2002 with a lot of friends, and I feel really great being able to organize an event for the second time now!

“We formed Shockwave Entertainment, and to celebrate our first milestone, we are proud to invite music lovers to: Noize Coalition “Revenge of the Fate 2011″. The underground gigs that have been going on for years have been a safe haven for us. We now want to share this with everyone.”

Emmanuel, 29 and the older of the two, said, “This show is our first step to give the public a taste of things to come. It’s really an exciting time because we don’t know what the outcome will be.

“I have a thing for live shows and also meeting people. It’s the whole journey of making calls to friends before the event; getting ready from home and driving to the venue; getting there early, meeting people and waiting for the show to start; enjoying the show and talking about it for the next few days / months / years.

“I just love the whole journey. Music has allowed this to happen for me. I believe that we in Sabah should have more shows in the future and I also hope to see more people who share the same passion as Amos and me. We just need to make things happen now.”

Amos added, “I love going to music events because I get to see, meet, and talk to so many different people. I love music and live performances — especially music on a heavier note! I love head-banging in the mosh pit as well! The feeling is really great and it really makes my day!

“Shockwave Entertainment is a company that Emmanuel and I have planned for some time,” Amos continued. “Being involved in the local music scene gave us the opportunity to see things from a different angle. We strongly believe that there are lots of bands/artists that are coming out now compared to 10 years ago. Having said that, we also feel that there are not enough platforms for these people to launch themselves or to put themselves out there, especially our local acts. We want to help the local scene regardless of the genre to give them a chance to share their talents to a wider audience.”

“People should be amazed that we have such talented and passionate individuals among us. We would love to play our part, by being an events company, to provide entertainment where people can experience a real good show. We are blessed to have experienced live concerts and music festival overseas. All we wish is to be able to share the experience with other people here in Sabah, because Malaysians in general are deprived when it comes to international [style] acts. Even more so for us in Sabah.” Emmanuel Chee.

The brothers have a dream, but they are not only dreamers. They are organized. They have sponsors and a supporter to help them deliver the dream.


Wedding photography company Vivalova Memory Lane is based in Labuan, and sponsoring the event. Amos said, “We met them through an event in Labuan and kept in touch via Facebook, and became good friends ever since.”

He said Vivalova videographer Terence really impressed the brothers, during the time spent in Labuan, and he expressed excitement that they will now work together.

“Terence had blown us away with his videography. This is the first time we will work with Terence and his partner-in-crime Vivian. They will be present to capture the highlights of the day with their lenses.”

Mega Boogie is sponsoring the event by providing the sound system. Amos said, “I want to really lift up the quality of the sound for this event. This is why I went to Mega Boogie for sponsorship, because I’ve seen their quality of workmanship and I know it makes them one of the best companies in KK for sound & lighting.”

Sabah light sound company Mega Boogie equipment, truss

Emmanuel added, “For this event, we are humbled and thankful to get Mega Boogie as sponsor for the sound system. We know that Lazman has a lot to handle on his end, and helping us out means so much to us. The reason why Shockwave Entertainment chose Mega Boogie is because we know for a fact that they are a company that has proven to execute superb sound quality and also excellent lightings. Let’s hope that this event will be the start of a good relationship in years to come between us and Mega Boogie.”


“We are really lucky to have made good friends with the guys at Anonymous and we are stoked to be collaborating with them in this event! They are a tight-knitted clothing family made up of:

  • Vandalism Street Wear
  • Orchid Malevolence
  • Last Bloodline
  • Bigmonstereye
  • Kamireka Art
  • Aware Clothing
  • Clean Mind
  • Photo Fever
  • Smug! Online

“They specialize in Printing services, T-Shirt designs, Graphic Designs, Graffiti Designs, Mural paintings, Photo Journalism, Art Photography, Event management & Promoting bands. Here in KK, they are very well known to people aware of the scene, as well as with some who aren’t.”


Shockwave Entertainment presents: NOIZE COALITION “Revenge of the Fate 2011”

Event Flyer NOIZE Coalition by Shockwave Entertainment Kota Kinabalu Sabah

Cowboy Bar, Asia City, Kota Kinabalu. July 23rd. From 12pm onwards.
Tickets: Pre-Sale RM10, Front Door RM15.

Get pre-sale tickets in Hometown Distro, Anonymous Crew, CrazeeCausa at 1Borneo outlets. You can also find them at most of the jamming studios such as: Sound Blazer (Penampang), Jammin9 (Megalong), and by calling the contact numbers on the posters and flyers, which are being distributed all around town.

It’s an all day music event on a Saturday, and the boys from Shockwave Entertainment want it to be aggro-free and a really positive day.

“The slogan No Alcohol, Drugs & Violence is very important because we encourage people to come with a very positive attitude. We believe that without these elements, people can come and enjoy the event and have fun to the fullest extent.” Amos and Emmanuel.

So, see you there then! Cowboy Bar! Asia City! Local bands! Awesome sound!



  1. Fantastic article. Glad to hear that music is alive & well in KK. The Chee brothers are going to make the world dance for sure. Go for it. Proud of you both! Melbourne, Australia.

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