5th Kota Kinabalu Jazz Festival 2011: Lights! Sound! Action!

June 15, 2.30pm. Day Two of Stage set-up.

I parked at Sutera Harbour Marina Golf & Country Club, and stepped out into a soft drizzle. The day was cloudy, but there was nothing unclear about the sound coming from the tennis courts.

Mega Boogie’s Head of Operations Lazman Atiqi Ibrahim was making initial sound checks using a selection of CDs. He stood behind one of the two digital mixing consoles being used at the KK Jazz Festival this year.

On one track, Ella sang out clear to the Marina Bay. The accompanying piano tinkled as brightly and irresistibly as scotch on the rocks in a crystal glass.

Lazman said the larger console, positioned in the audience seating area, is for overall sound delivery. The second console is near to the stage, and is solely for controlling stage sound, especially for the musicians.

Next track, the guitar intro from “Hotel California” seemed to fill all the surrounding space, followed by that unmistakable slow, thumping pulse. Everyone said, “Wor,” and got goosebumps.

I looked up. The circular trussing was ready, adorned by a score of lights.

Nasier Lee said he would come back later to take photos when it was dark and the lights were up.

He sure did. So here’s a taster of The Stage, The Lights, and the guys behind the scene who will bring us All That Jazz…

“Mega Boogie has made it possible for us to bring the production of the 4th Kota Kinabalu Jazz Festival to a new level.” Roger Wang, Co-Chairman of the Kota Kinabalu Jazz Festival 2010-2011.

Jazz: The Golden Age is coming to us in KK…and who’s on? Look below.

Day 1 – Friday, 17 June 2011

Momain Blues


Agung Beat featuring Dayang Noraini

Juzzie Smith

WVC Trio


Day 2 – Saturday, 18 June 2011

SIA Little Jazz


Spice of Tones

Hata Mariko

Z Yan

Juzzie Smith

The Benjamin Lackner Trio

Aseana Percussion Unit

Kota Kinabalu Jazz Festival 2011 – Workshops.

Drum Circle by Asean Percussion Unit

Classical vs Jazz by Tay Cher Siang

Harmonica and One-Person Band by Juzzie Smith



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