Mega Boogie & SabahSongs: working together in Sabah’s music industry

Mega Boogie Stage, Light and Sound company, in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
The Mega Boogie building, in Alamesra, Kota Kinabalu

SabahSongs has waited a long time to find a suitable corporate sponsor, and I am happy to announce a working relationship with Mega Boogie Sdn Bhd, specialist supplier and operator of the highest quality sound and lighting equipment available in Sabah.

Mega Boogie, which is based in Alamesra in Kota Kinabalu, realises the value of high standards, in both the quality of equipment, and in the quality of workmanship. These views are a good fit for SabahSongs, which tries to say something real and unique in every blog post. Mega Boogie also believes in the future expansion of the music and entertainment industry in Sabah, so hopefully we can work together to achieve that end.

Me with Haji Barrie, Executive Chairman of Mega Boogie

SabahSongs looks forward to working with Mega Boogie; together we will let the world know about our very talented people in Sabah,  through our LIGHT,  SOUND and WORDS.

SabahSongs' new office at Mega Boogie


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