Happy New Year 2011 from SabahSongs!

2011 is going to be a great year for local music. The first day of the year, and already we were at a music event — Bro Langau’s On9fm Mini Jam, a tribute to indie bands, and the 1st birthday for his On9fm internet radio station.

The line up:

  1. Orang Planet
  2. The Mines
  3. Cahaya D’Folk
  4. OldNavy
  5. The Retrock

He picked a fine line-up to represent Sabah’s indie music; energy and passion, strong voices, tight and skilful instrumentation, and they all performed original work. Hollerin’ rock ‘n’ roll, Brit Indie pop, psychedelic rock, alternative.. a well-anticipated crowd pleaser.

I didn’t mention the crowds. Damai Kopitiam was packed wall-to-wall inside, and overspilling outside into Damai Point. Bro is a hero among indie musicians in Sabah, and he was not short of sponsors for his event – here’s one fan that made the birthday cake.

For me, two really nice things happened at the On9fm Mini Jam:

First, I sat with Revolution On Motion, the photographers with big hearts for bands in Sabah. Hence the happy picture above for SabahSongs’s New Year post.

Second, I saw Borneo Buskers for the first time. I have a soft spot for buskers everywhere.

In London, when the weather was nice, I used to busk with my melodica during my lunch break. With my busking money, I would buy cake from the supermarket, and we all ate it in the office with cups of tea. So imagine how happy I was to see the Borneo Buskers, not only with their fine voices, guitars and happy repetoire, but they had a melodion player too!  Beautiful things are the same all over the world. I will definitely find and listen to Borneo Buskers again, this year.

SabahSongs will be two years old this year, and some thought will go into how to celebrate that happy occasion.

There’s a new vision on the horizon… Lemon Pie : Urban Music & Arts Festival, Kota Kinabalu 2011. This is the first of what will be an annual festival, and is jointly organised by BandWidth and BorneoColours. This promises to be a groundbreaking festival; it aims to discover and promote talent in the urban music and arts scene, in addition to fuelling music tourism in the region.


Browse through SabahSong’s Events Page, read about the events we have come across since July 2009,  and keep checking back with us. It’s a new year and there are new stories — from the past and the present  —  to write about and share with you.

Have a wonderful, musical 2011.

Best wishes from SabahSongs


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