CD Review. Milestones, 2000-2009 Collection, by Roger Wang

Roger Wang Milestones cd review, cover is of railway track and guitar
‘Milestones’ celebrates Roger Wang’s first ten years as a recorded artiste, and he marks the significant moments of that part of his musical journey with tracks from his many albums over the decade. Certainly he has traversed the musical landscape with a wide range of collaborations and projects, much of which is reflected here.

‘Milestones’ includes crossover work with Gambus master Farid Ali; love songs on his harp guitar with Gina Panizales, classical adventures with re:mix, a sojourn into Chinese pop music with 2V1G,  and of course, the ship which set off on the first recording voyage was launched by Mia Palencia.

On the album itself, Roger says that Milestones “…tells me where I have been, where I am heading, how far I have gone and the distance ahead.”

Surely, the distance ahead could be measured in miles, kilometres, or evolutionary markers. Whichever way he chooses to record his development, Roger Wang will always be on a voyage of musical discovery. It’s his way.


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