‘From Here To There’ by Yu Heng

Okay folks.  Roger Wang invited me to play a solo and a few little bits on one track of this album. This may be the only CD album I ever play on, with my lovely melodica.   So I’m going to show the world!

The album is “From Here to There” by Yu Heng.  She describes her music as indie pop, and folk.

Track list:   [MELODICA is on track 05! Guitar is by Roger Wang]

01. Life?!
02. 夏天的告白
03. 朋友们都结婚去了
04. 你和谁在一起?
05. 50次的悔过
06. 继续
07. 牛仔裤日记
08. 还是一个人
09. 27.10.09 9:57pm (Demo)
10. 亲爱的自由
11. 那年我们廿五

03.Friends Have Married
04.Who Are You Stay With
05.Regret 50 Times
06.Going On
07.Jeans Diaries
08.Still Lonely 9:57pm (Demo)
10.Dear Freedom
11.We Are 25 That Year


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