Revolution On Motion: Making their dreams happen

I want to write about REVOLUTION ON MOTION – a crew of guys and a gal who are 100 pct about local music here, and work hard spreading the word AND being really creative themselves.

I think they say it best themselves, on their BLOG.

Hi, We Are An Online Media Press. We Jump from Gig To Gigs, Show to Shows, Always Trying To Discover The Next Big Thing, The Next New Sound, The Next New Wave and Majestic New Riffs and Breakdowns Through The Magic Of Our Lenses. We Support Our Local Bands! There’s Phenomenal Music In Sabah’s Music Scene and We Are Here To Act As Their Platform To Launch Themselves Onto The Stratosphere. Each Moment Of Glory Is Caught In The Flicker Of The Shutter, Passion In Its Purest Form.

Recently they went to Labuan and interviewed drummer Peter Lau, and it is a MUST to see – RevoTV.

Click here to see RevoTV interviewing drummer Peter Lau

Mike of the Revo crew posted the interview on his Facebook page and said:

Creating Revolution On Motion Has Been So Rewarding Up Until Now, Not A Single Regret! Meeting New People, Making New Friends & Getting Wider Connections.

For This Video, Full Credits Goes To R.O.M’s Video Crew.

  • Angeliegh James Liberatus
  • Mitchell Lim Vui Peng
  • Amos Chee
  • Emmanuel @ Emmanuk Chee

You know, when I first saw the Revo crew at Rumba, they were all in black and I thought they were scary. I mean, they take band pix like this:

and they put their watermarks right on the necks of the guitars and things like that. As if to say: “Don’t mess with us! We’re MEAN!”

Then, at RockFest Marathon 2010 @ 1Borneo, I plucked up courage to say hello to them and, OMG – they are so nice!

Revolution On Motion have energy, passion and vision; they seek innovative ways to express their enthusiasm about the creative people here. If SabahSongs is a blog about people working in music in Sabah, then Revolution On Motion must have a space here somewhere. I’m honoured to know them and look forward to watching all their dreams materialise, because for sure they will make it all happen.



  1. Hey there Joanna!

    It’s so nice to read your blog! It’s so nice to know that someone like you and some more others out there notice and appreciate our hardwork! and the words you put into this blog, blogging about us just makes our hope jump up to a whole new level! It gives me/us the “Burning fire sensation” to continue helping on the building up and exposing our talented local artist! To be honest, you’re also doing a great job blogging about the local artist and covering a lot of events happening here! You are indeed a BIG help to our music scene here! Keep up the SUPERB work! I/we hope to also work together with you on up coming events in the future if it’s God’s willing!

    your humble friend,


  2. Hello Madam Joanna!

    We’re honored to be mention and highlighted in your blog! Your kind and motivating words will be always remembered and be kept as a motivation among us. When Mike, Ahaz and i started this idea, we never thought it’s going to be this big. Honestly, at some moments, the 3 of us almost gave up. But for what we believe in, helping local talents in Sabah, we strive to do our best. Now with additional friends comes up to the picture, we are more pump up than ever!

    Thanks Madam Joanna!

    p/s: As amos said, we are looking forward to work with you in the near future!

    Revolution On Motion members,
    Ahaz, Amos, Angeliegh, Emmanuel, Michael and Mitchell.

    1. Dear Ahaz, Amos, Angeliegh, Emmanuel, Michael and Mitchell.

      Such lovely words from you. Well, we got the same heart, huh? I have no doubt there will be opportunities for exciting collaborations in the future. There’s so much going on locally, as we are all telling the world! But the other wonderful thing is that we have DIFFERENT voices: You guys are young, fresh, visual and energetic. I am more like a detective, trying to find that quiet musician’s story hiding away, to capture it in writing.

      Let’s do our own thing in our own ways, and enjoy all the results!
      Have a wonderful time at your busker’s session today!

      Big hugs from Madam Joanna!

  3. To Revolution On Motion members,
    Ahaz, Amos, Angeliegh, Emmanuel, Michael and Mitchell!
    I always want to say this : people always ask me,you know when you choose this road(music)is always very hard.No fix income!don’t know when is the next gig is?don’t body ever care how much time & $$ you spend on your instruments & pratice.sometimes you play for hours and get nothing!!!!…….but We still Move On…………….why!!! because We don’t just Love Music…..But the Music is In us….in our Soul, Our Body…….that’s why We just don’t care whether is Good or Bad day……………our LOVE FOR MUSIC is On & On & On!!!! This music industries need Crazy People like Us!!!!hahahaha!!!!
    Keep on my friends!!!!!

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