Jiaja’s ‘GAYA STREET’ comes to Damai Point for the CD launch party!

Jiaja! Photo by Revolution On Motion

Jiaja held its album launch party at the Damai Kopitiam on October 30th, 2010, and turned Damai Point into “GAYA STREET” (the name of the album) for a night!

Organized by Bronze Music, the venue was packed to the max: Jiaja supporters, media, a big contingent from SIA, and VIP RTM Sabah Kombo Leader Moses de Silva were all enjoying the versatile and sublime skills of Ji, Aja, Jim and the marvellous Karuk (drummer with the HUGE smile and big voice!)

The guys played several tracks from the new album. Sonny B made a guest harmonica appearance for ‘Belikan Aku Cokelat’, and everyone cheered when they played ‘Kura Kura’. Innocentclair turned up with his trumpet for that!

I think I saw a giant turtle grooving on the Damai Point roundabout too… nah, must have been the effect of the good music. A wonderful night to launch a wonderful album.

[UPDATE] Revolution On Motion boys Mike and Amos sat at our table, and took zillions of good photos. Later DJ Langau @ Sabahan.FM joined us too.  I haven’t met him before and it was just a great experience for me.  He was so friendly, and pointed out to me who was DJ Jason and Jiaja’s older brother.  It was a really nice night.


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