CD/VCD review “Kinongo Noh” by Esther Clement Tubong

cd Kinongo Noh by Kadazan singer Esther Clement Tubong from Penampang, Sabah
KINONGO NOH, by Esther Clement Tubong

Esther Clement Tubong has put her heart and soul into this album. That’s the kind of artist she is, and I have no doubt her future work will also be bursting with her generous spirit.

Kinongo Noh is a two disc set, one karaoke and one audio CD. There are ten tracks, seven in Kadazan, two in Dusun and one in English.
She translated the track titles for me.

1. ‘Kinongo Noh’ (Listen).
2. ‘Pogigizon’ (My Life)
3. ‘Au Kopiiso’ (Not Meant To Be)
4. ‘Kokompungan Ku’ (My Village)

Esther said, “This song has a Sumazau rhythm. It’s about how I like stay at my kampung, I like the environment there.”

5. ‘Natagak’ (Disappear)
6. ‘Koginavaanku Do Kaamatan’ (A Love at Harvest Festival time, but not meant to be.)
7. ‘Kaandaman Ku Diau’ (Memory of You)
8. ‘Au Dii Atagak’

Esther said, “This song is about how I don’t want our Kadazan race to just disappear like that. Because now, parents don’t teach their kids in Kadazan, they teach in Malay and English. My kids speak Kadazan better than me, because my parents teach them. Sometimes my kids teach ME: “Mummy, not like that. This is the right words.” Wah. I say, “Ok I’m sorry!”

9.¬† ‘Langadon Nopo’ (Miss him so much).
10. So in Love.

A new album and a new life, Esther is on the creative road now! She’s had a couple of songs on top of the RTM charts, and I look forward to seeing her perform on roadshows around Sabah. Go Esther!


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