Q: What happens when 5 Sabahans are in a room? A: Impromptu jam session

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We were chatting in Eyes and Ears [see above articles]. I left the camera running and walked away. Sabahans! Leave them alone and they make music. Spontaneous lyrics, rap and harmony. [Reuben told me later that English (Alvin), Malay rap (Rolln) and Dusun (Reuben vocals) were all in there]   It’s definitely something in the water….

The people in this video, from L to R: Sonny Bahari playing guitar, Rolln Augustine, Reuben Raymond, Alvin MY, his wife Dazeree was there but hidden, and to the extreme right was Terence Mark Blantocas.

I’m so  sorry Terrence is not in the video!  It was focussed on the people talking when I walked away. When Terence joined in later, I wasn’t there to move the camera. Tsk, I’ll get you next time Terence, promise! In the feature picture, Terence is wearing the WHITE HAT and Dazeree is next to him.



    1. TQ Flanegan!

      hey you have a nice blog! SAYANG KINABALU in JAPANESE? Wowee. Murut… Japanese.. Music… Photography….
      Keep in touch and TQ for visiting 😀

      1. Thank you.. 🙂

        Yeah, I translate it for some festival but somehow it didnt work out and decide to share it online. Have you listen to the Studio version one? Recorded it at Ear & Eye Production.

        Yeah, I do know a few photographer there but most of them haven’t met yet. 🙂

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