At Eyes & Ears, Part One: Meeting Four Prinzs

This is lovely – no mics even. Just four guys singing in front of my very ordinary camera.

Da Prinz
AG – Ag. Sri Iskandar Bin Bahrain, is from Beaufort, Sabah
Fiz – Muhd. Hafizan Taraweh, is from Bongawan, Sabah
Vin – Malvin Kalbin, is from Beluran, Sabah
AyE LeN – Allen Max Ambrose Mudi, is from Tambunan, Sabah

They were on Gangstarz seasons 1 & 2, and went to KL representing Sabah.

These guys have day jobs or are studying in KK, while they sing on the side and work on the next stage in their musical development.

Da Prinz sing a cappella, and they are working on the Korean pop or kpop concept – singing and dancing to choreographed moves. Our very own Sabahan kpop group!

[I realised later that singer AyE LeN is also Allen Ambrose, whose photos I used in the KKJF 2010 Day One write-up, posted in June.]



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