Rastwin @ Ratz. Photographer

I call Rastwin @ Ratz a photographer, but I haven’t actually met this guy, and I have a feeling he’s EVERYTHING: photographer, musician, sound engineer. You know, he seems to KNOW a lot about stuff.

Serendipity helped us cross [virtual] paths. He joined SabahSongs MusicBlog Facebook page, and through him we discovered Labuan Musicians Community Facebook group.

Then I wanted to find out more about Simon Lau’s cool electric double bass, and all the info was on the Labuan musicians’ site, posted by Ratz.

He takes really personal photos of the musicians, which makes me think he has to be one, or just knows them all very, very well.

Here are a few I didn’t use on the Kudat Sunset Symphony post. He had so many good ones. Thank you Ratz. Make sure we actually meet at the next gig.



  1. To me…Rast is a drummer,”Pro”in camera,nice guy to chat with,good buddy to work as Team……”Old friend” to travel together!!!

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