Nasier Lee – photography student

[UPDATES 25/07/10. To add his coverage of The Ultimate Band Search 2010]

I met a young guy named Nasier Lee at Shenanigan’s, at the Acoustic Jazz Nite 2010.

He was taking pictures of the performing musicians, and I asked him if he was doing that for Bandwidth. He said yes, he’s a photography student. So I introduced myself and asked if I could use a few pictures for SabahSongs. He was very nice about it.

Quadro Forte. Photo by Nasier Lee

Here’s my favourite of the ones he took that night.

That was a great night of music, and Nasier took many photos. Some of them are here in the write-up of the event.

Welcome to SabahSongs, Nasier Lee.

[Update. July 25, 2010]

Huge thank you to Nasier Lee for sharing some beautiful photos from the Bandwidth event The Ultimate Band Search 2010 finals.

Here is one marvellous photo, see the rest on the full post.

TUBS10 Winners! Photo by Nasier Lee

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