“I’m Alive” by Jonathan Tse, CD review

Artist: Jonathan Tse
Album title: I’m Alive

Jonathan Tse has the touch of Jason Mraz about him: he turns a little tune into a lovely melody which gets in your head so you hum it all day and it makes you happy. This album is full of winning tracks, supported by a fine selection of Sabahan musicians.

“I’m Alive” is the perfect title for the album and title track. It sums up the way this young pastor embraces Life and all the wonderful things one can do with it. His songs express the values dear to him: Faith, Hope and Love. He does it via straight rock, some contemplative tracks, as well as fantastic, catchy songs.

The first one which stuck in my brain was “La La La (Love)”, where Jon is joined by Mia Palencia. Her voice gave me goosebumps, she was so tender, in harmony with him.

Jun Jun, Jon’s electric guitarist from Tawau, plays some lovely licks winding through tracks “You Are”, and “I’m Alive”.

“Rescue Me” is full-on rock: powerful and uplifting, reflecting Jon’s commitment and the fearlessness of his faith.

In contrast, the lyrics on “I have Decided”, “Go”, and “Love Found Me” show the deeper side of his life choice: thoughtfulness, resolution, contentment.

“He Reigns” has an opening trumpet fanfare, and Jessel’s trumpet also sings through on “Somebody’s Watching”.

Overall, this album is great. Jonathan has lots to share. He sings, writes fab songs, and is a community leader. You can’t help but be swept up by his enthusiasm for life and the strength he garners from his belief. Everyone gains from this guy’s generous work. Oh, and his official “I’m Alive” video is also on there!

It’s a buy!

Here is the review as published in BandWidth Street Press

“I’m Alive”, Jonathan Tse

Jonathan Tse – Vocals, Acoustic guitar, Electric guitar, Keyboard, Programming
Simon Lau – Bass
Peter Lau – Drums
Nick Lee – Bass for tracks “I’m Alive”, “Somebody’s Watching”, and “Rescue Me”
Raymond Vijay – Drums for tracks “I’m Alive”, “Somebody’s Watching”, and “Rescue Me”
Jun Jun – Electric guitar
Jessel Yansalang – Trumpet
Annabel Tiu – Cello
Mia Palencia – Vocals on “La La La (Love)”
Nica Umipig – Vocals on “He Reigns”

Songs composed and arranged by Jonathan Tse


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