Bajau song competition! Pertandingan Akhir, Lagu-Lagu Popular Bajau

We wanted to see the Bajau song competition final, organised by RTM Sabah V FM, on March 13, 2010. The final was held at the Padang, in Kota Belud, March 13 2010.

RTM Sabah’s cellist Annabel Tiu was kind enough to let me use her Facebook photos to share some of the scenes there.  Here was a gong display before the televised show began.

It was a nice drive on the way to Kota Belud. We passed paddy fields and buffalo. My husband Mike talked about when he was a kid, riding with his dad in a jeep, going from KK via Tamparuli, to Kota Belud.

He said he came along this way every couple of weeks, and knew Bajau folk because his dad owned and raced ponies, and the Bajaus are the people who live, work and race the ponies. He showed me some old dirt roads, and when we passed some really old shopfronts, he said, “Yeah, we used to stop here!”

Ok, we got to Kota Belud!

Pertandingan Akhir, Lagu-Lagu Popular Bajau. Dalam Carta Sabah V fm.

Di Penbtas Terbuka, Padang Pekan, Kota Belud.

Bajau song competition in Kota Belud 2010. Pertandingan Akhir, Lagu-Lagu Popular Bajau. Parini Pawiro, manager of RTM Sabah V FMThe manager for Sabah V FM Puan Parini Pawiro was kind enough to chat with me. She said this competition is like a chart topper for the local Bajau chart, and it’s pop music, not traditional music.

“On V FM, we have Mandarin, English, Bajau, Dusun, Murut. Everything is in Bajau for today’s competition. This programme is broadcast on Sundays 4.30-5.30pm. Our last competition was on February 20th, that was in Keningau. We will have another competition next year. The recent competition was in Murut, next year it will be Dusun and Kadazan. We have two competitions in a year.”

The stage was at the front of the Padang, where Kombo RTM Sabah were performing.

Puan Parini said, “This is the third time we have held this competition. Before we used musicians from the bands, but now we are using Kombo RTM to accompany the artists.”

The prizes to be won are:

  • ‘Anugerah lagu terbaik’ or ‘Award for the best song’  (amended after a post below)
  • The best performer
  • The best vocalist
  • The most popular artist

Puan Parini said, “Because you have this SMS – it’s live from the listeners. This is going out live, so the singer who gets the most sms votes will be the popular winner.

“Also, this year we have two additional awards – one is the best lyricist, and for the voters there is one award for the one who votes the most.”

The Padang filled up, apparently 5-6,000 people attended this event.



  1. the biggest prize of the evening which you quoted ‘overall winner’ is actually ‘anugerah lagu terbaik’ , which means ‘ award for the best song’. it would be great if you added your own opinion on how the show was that night also:)
    i think moses will have more info on this

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